màquina de tall placa de plasma competitiva de preu competitiu, taula de conductes d’aire / tub de conductes d’aire cnc taula de tallador de plasma

venda de tub de plasma

Descripció del producte


It’s mainly for automatically lofting and cutting the deformed workpiece.You can select any duct shape in CAM-DUCT and input your dimensions.It'll begin calculating,composing,jacking and cutting automatically.

Funcions de rendiment:

1.10 inch touch screen(15 inch screen optional)

2.CAM-DUCT software from Hypertherm for free

3.Hypertherm source or Chinese brand Huayuan.


It adopts famous CAM-DUCT software from AutoDesk and it combines technology,data procedure with management and meets cutting requirements by using pre-designed standard duct drawings and parameter settings,easy to learn and operate.

Detalls ràpids

Estat: Nou
Lloc de procedència: Anhui, Xina (continental)
Nom de marca: ACCURL
Número de model: 1530
Potència nominal: 8.5kw
Weight: 5500kg
Certificació: CE ISO
Garantia: 2 anys
Servei postvenda subministrat: enginyers disponibles per a la maquinària de servei a l'estranger
Name: CNC sheet metal Plasma cutting machine
Color: Yellow or customized
Control system: Beijing starf
Cutting material:Metal .alloy Metal .aluminum.stainless steel
Velocitat de tall: 16000mm / min
Usage: Cutting Sheet Sheet
CNC or not: CNC
Embalatge i lliurament
Packaging Details wooden case or plastic film for 1530 cnc sheet metal/aluminum plate plasma cutting machine
Delivery Time Shipped within 10 days