màquina de tall de plasma de canonada d'acer inoxidable usada per a la indústria del ferro

màquina de tallar plasma utilitzada

Característiques de màquina de tall de canonades:

1,Adopt welding platform, heavy rail and improve the overall bearing weight, humane design human-computer exchange more convenient and reasonable, stable operation and increased life expectancy.

2,Independent research and development to optimize CNC pipe systems, AutoCAD version of the engineering design can generate standard G code directly, three-dimensional simulation of the operation, node expansion, long split pipe, fittings optimization, oversized EGES DXF SAT and STL software compatibility and upgrade free for lifetime , can be modified according to user needs.

3. Taiwan Advantech industrial computer can be programmed directly on the machine. Using menu type programming to select input cutting parameter , such as diameter, wall thickness, bevel angle deviation compensation data. By KASRY professional pipe cutting applications for a seamless connection.

Configuració de màquina de tall de canonades :

Gamma de tall6/9/12m length can be customized
Mida de la màquina12800mm*2000*2100mm
Mètode de tallFlama / plasma
Gruix de tallFlama: 6-60mm
Plasma: estàndard 2-14mm
Velocitat de tall de la flama20-700mm / min
Sistema de controlKasry Control System with Advantech industrial computer
Gruix de plasma màxim14mm
Gruix de tall de plasma màxim18mm
Velocitat de tall del plasma500-3500mm / min
Plasma torch Anti-collision protection system
Driving methodservo
programariAplica el programari KASRY PIPE
                                 Condició de treball
Pressió de treball de gas comprimitAbove 7mpa
Flux de gas necessari de plasma4500L / H
Ambient de treballVentilació, no hi ha commoció
Potència5KW ((no inclou la font de plasma)
Tipus de gasAcetilè propà

Advantage of the ACCURL software :

1-Good compability ,support AUTOCAD , TEKLA , 3D,3S,STCAD

2-First supplier in china market for square tube cutting beveling machine , sale quantity top rank of china

3-One time input the drawing model , generate the material budget chart ,clearly know each pipe diameter , cut process , weight , length ,can earlier prepare the material ,prevent waste

4-Optimization nesting
a;support twist angle nesting
b:support remainlung materials secondary nesting remian material can achieve secondary nesting ,it can save the raw materials from 1%-2% .

5-After nesting can be one time generate the G code

6-With Rich graphics datebase , these are offer to customer for free

7-Support continous cutting

8-After you purchase the machine , software can be enjoyed upgarde lifetime for free (diamond service).

Details introduction of 5 axis :

Eix en movimentTrieu l’eix de tallÀmbit d'activitats
Y axis :Eix de rotació accionat per canonada360 ° free rotation
X axisEl carretó es desplaça al llarg de la longitud del tubThe maximum stroke 6000mm
Un eixThe torch swings along the radial direction of the pipe60 graus
Eix BLa torxa oscil·la al llarg de la direcció del tub55 graus
Eix ZLa torxa es desplaça amunt i avall320mm


Material : carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials
Material type : Round Pipe
Industry : widely used in pressure vessel pipes, pipe processing, network structure, steel structure , marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.

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