Xina més barata plasma 1325 1530 talladora de plasma metàl·lica casolana de tall de plasma cnc

màquina de tall de plasma xina


1. high intensive plasma arc energy, temperature, fast speed

2. Disseny de feixos lleugers, bona rigidesa, pes lleuger i minúscula inèrcia en moviment.

3. Small cutting gap, no residua.

4. Màquina de tall de plasma Y axis adopts double moters with double drivers. XYZ axis round raill, moving smoothly, with high accuracy. (Option:squar raill)

5. Excellent cutting 3D illuminated letters for advertising and channel letters on metal surface board.

6. Plasma Cutter working together with other advertising machines, such as CNC Router etc, improving working efficiency.

1. The Sawtooth table (it suitable to cut thickness materials and have a beautiful looks)
2. Hypertherm plasma power:(it's cuttingt sorface is smooth)

Detalls ràpids

Estat: Nou
Voltage: 220v/380v-50HZ
Potència nominal: 8.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1500*3000*1500mm
Pes: 1500kg
Certification: CE,ISO FDA
Garantia: 2 anys
Servei postvenda subministrat: enginyers disponibles per a la maquinària de servei a l'estranger
Product name: plasma13251530 metal cnc plasma cutter homemade machine
Working area: 1500mm*3000mm
Cutting material: metal(carbon, stainless plate and round shape)
Cutting thickness: 0-40mm
Mode de tall: Tall de plasma + Tall de flama
Input current: 63A,100A,120A,160A,200A (optional)
Working materials: copper, mild steel, carton steel, stainless steel
Plasma power: 8.5-10.5kw
Cutting Speed: 0-10000mm / min
Moving Speed: 0-50000mm/min

Warranty and Service:

Màquina de tall de plasma/plasma cutter with 2 years warranty.
1. 18 months guarantee of the whole machine, we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.
2. Les peces principals (excepte els consumibles) es canviaran gratuïtament si hi ha algun problema durant el període de garantia.
3. Software is on update for free whole life.
4. Our engineer could support you technology to your country if necessary.
5.Our enginner could service on weekend even on vacation.
6. Our engineer could train you in our factory for free.
7. Our engineer could service you 24 hours online by Skype, yahoo, msn, QQ, or by cellphone.
8. English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining will send to you with the machine.

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